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Pricing is still under development, until it's completed you can use the service completely for free. After that you can use our free Tier.

We charge you based on your daily usage, which is defined by a Tier.

What is a Tier?

  • Each tier includes:
    • 1GB of storage
    • 10000 requests per day
  • 0.10$ per day per tier

We also have a free tier which includes:

  • 500MB of storage
  • 2500 requests per daily
  • And it's Free forever!

How do we charge you?

To charge our users fairly, we check daily what is the service usage to find out which tier is used. If one of the amounts is bigger than what is included in the tier, we charge for the tier above. As an example, if you only use 500MB of storage, but you used more than 10000 requests, we charge the tier above.

Check the following examples to understand how we calculate our prices:

200 MB and 1000 requestsTier 1 (free)
1GB and 10000 requests (Requests were higher than Free tier)Tier 2 (0.10$)
2GB and 10000 requests (Storage was higher than Free tier and Tier 1 combined)Tier 3 (0.20$)