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File Uploads

RESTED_DEV endpoints allow you to upload files of any format. You can use these endpoints to store the data used in your application.

These endpoints are an extension of CRUD endpoints, although with some variations.

You can test it using this example.

In short:

  • The POST method is used to store files. It accepts requests with Content-Type multipart/form-data, and up to 10 files with the maximum size of 100MB each.

  • The READ method can be used in two ways. You can use it to retrive all the data associated with files, similarly when used with data. And can also be used to retrive a single file using the fileOnly=true parameter in the URL. This second option is particularly useful to embed images or videos in your HTML pages, or simply to download the file.

  • The DELETE method is used to delete files. It expects an uniqueId. Both the data and the file will be removed permanently.

  • The UPDATE method is not supported for files.

Your files are safely stored in an AWS S3 bucket and can only be accessed with RESTED_DEV endpoints. Similarly to CRUD endpoints, if an endpoint is secure, it can only be accessed by Authenticated users.